50L Production Electroplating & Electropolishing Line

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Benefits of Electropolishing line

The Electropolishing line targets the microstructure, without changing the form and macrostructure of the surface.
Whilst exerting no mechanical or thermal stress onto the parts, electro-polishing removes a thin layer of material from the surface by means of anodic dissolution. All impurities, particles, micro-cracks, structural defects and local tension it contains are thereby removed. The increased material removal on corners and edges ensures that the latter are reliably deburred and smoothed. Electropolished surfaces are free of burrs and particles, metallically pure, shiny, smooth in the microstructure and free from defects. The surface displays the optimal characteristics of the base material processed.

<strong>Basic information

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Model NO 50L E/POriginUnited KingdomApplicationSurface TreatmentEquipment TypeAutomaticTypes of WorksElectroplating, ElectropolishingElectropolishingBrass, Bronze, Copper, Nickel, Low-Alloy Steel, High & Low Carbon Steel, Beryllium-Copper Alloy, Etc.Plating styleHang platingMaterial of Tank Welded Polypropylenewarranty1 yearPackaging Detailssolid wooden boxes / pallets




This 50L Production Electroplating & Electropolishing Line is designed for  ensuring repeatable, micro-tolerance surface roughness finishing that can be easily validated to regulatory and industry requirements. This electropolishing line produces a bright, corrosion-resistant, highly-polished surface, reducing the expense and surpassing the quality of standard mechanical polishing. This Line can be used in many industry areas: such as auto parts, hardware, medical devices, piping and tubing, cutting tools, blades, wearproof parts, jewellery. The electropolishing process is carried out in immersion tanks(baths) and can be applied to a broad spectrum of parts and materials.  In order to guarantee optimal results our electropolishing lines come in many different configurations. Each line has its own range of production capabilities to address the precision required as well as the specific shape and scale of the parts being processed.


Buying a professional electroplating & electropolishing production line is essential for getting the job done properly! For this reason businesses that use electropolishing processes on a wide variety of metals always choose us. As the manufacture we sell our advanced effective, cost-efficient production lines for the best price than they would find locally. For a number of years, Technical Supermarket has been involved in the production and assembly of complete lines. Because of skilled workmanship our electroplating & electropolishing lines designed  for electroplating conductive materials are long-lasting. Even under the conditions of most popular electro-chemical processes.


Buying directly from the manufacture you have the guaranty of the best price. Our customers are also provided with full range of after-sale service for the equipment and accessories bought from us including delivery, installation by our engineers, warranty, maintenance, parts, materials.


We deliver all our products all over the world (and have been since 2004) and therefore we have vast experience in professional packaging, to keep a high level of customer satisfaction we insure that every product is packed to a professional standard. Furthermore in the highly unlikely event, of parcel being damaged in transit we offer a replacement at no extra cost!

If you need our help and unsure of the electropolishing & electroplating production line you need for your business, our technical experts will happily provide free technical advice to help you find the perfect fit.


Please feel free to contact us if you require custom type/size of PP-welded tanks. Such as tanks with stands, lids, supports, mechanical or air agitation, ventilation, heating, cooling and filtering systems. Chemicals, anodes, baskets and cable sets are also available on request. Technical Supermarket produces high quality equipment for every aspect of heating, electroplating, polishing, etching, etc. All our products are perfect use for both personal and industrial purposes, as well as for education. Visit our main website to find out more information.


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