Compact Professional Rectifier: 80 ADC Continuously

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This professional rectifier is designed for various electroplating and anodizing processes, capable of supplying 0-80 Adc continuously. It is suitable for plating conductive objects with a plating area of up to 160 square inches, depending on the required amperage.

Please note that more powerful rectifiers are available upon request.

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This Compact Professional Rectifier is designed for various electroplating and anodizing processes, capable of supplying 0-80 Adc continuously.


Input: 230 VAC +/-10%.
Single phase;
Output: 0-12 VDC;
10-80 ADC continuously (regulated);
2 filters on 47000 mf each;
Forced ventilation system;
Digital Volt/Ampere meter;
Cut-off power supply self-secure overload switch;
Emergency switch;
6 M of red & black cables with crocodile’s connectors;
Estimated dimensions: 500 x 400 x 210 mm
Weight: 19 Kg.


– One 80 ADC rectifier.
– One year warranty.

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Weight 20 kg


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