EPPL-40/40 Professional Electroplating Production Line

£3,960.00 inc. VAT

This electroplating production line is widely used for working with all types of chemicals solutions (include acids) such as for: electroplating, electroforming, electro-cleaning, electro-polishing, stripping, etching and other purposes and contains all equipment and accessories for work with different quantity of objects at a time depending of size of tanks and type of rectifier. Ready to use. Because of 8 tanks (4 tanks for work with chemicals and 4 for rinsing purpose), when not in use, all tanks can be assembled together for saving you working room and for safe storage.  Set include – 4 plating tanks 40 L each, 4 rinsing tanks and 40A rectifier.

Many other size type tanks, heaters and rectifiers are available on request.
Please note: because this line produced on order only – it is not returnable. Sold-as-is.
Delivery and installation on additional request.

Please feel free to contact us regarding this matter.


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Weight70 kg


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