Rectangular Polypropylene Electro-Cleaning Reservoir 6000L

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Durable & Stable – Manufactured from long lasting material, our welded polypropylene reservoirs are the most durable and stable reservoirs you will find.

Chemical Resistant – Our welded polypropylene reservoirs are resistant to chemicals, which makes them suitable for the storage of chemical waste. The body of the reservoir is designed to be compatible with this type of fluid.

Easy Installation – With very few components, the system can be installed  quickly and with minimum fuss.

Manufactured in the UK and with a life expectancy of over 15 years and 10 years warranty our range of reservoirs is a perfect solution for your needs.

Detailed Technical Specifications:
– Quantity of reservoir – one;
– Dimensions: 3000 x 1000 x 2000 mm (40″ x 40″ x 40″(H));
– Reservoir`s material: welded polypropylene;
– Solution type: any, include acids;
– Volume – 6000 L;
– 10 years warranty on welded reservoir.




This Rectangular Polypropylene Electro-Cleaning Reservoir 6000 L is made of welded polypropylene, and has 5-10mm PP coating on MS pipe structure for reinforcement. It will guaranty you the quality and durability while working with all types of liquids, including acids during electro-cleaning, as this specialty surface treatment process will be found in almost all plating operations, established in the surface preparation cycle. Apart from default tanks & reservoirs we have on our online store, we are also able to manufacture custom reservoirs with any shapes, volumes and dimensions you might require for your personal needs, as well as equip all our products with numerous additional options available.


Manufacturing electro-cleaning reservoirs in Polypropylene ensures a flexible, customized design, perfectly matched to specific customer requirements. Thanks to skilled workmanship, our reservoirs are long-lasting, even under the conditions of most popular electro-chemical processes. Our business has been built on customers’ recommendations over more than 10 years. Our designs have been continually developed to offer the highest standards of quality, safety, efficiency and reliability. During our time on the markets we also have built a solid reputation for providing outstanding customer service.


Buying directly from the manufacture you have the guaranty of the best price. Our customers are also provided with full range of after-sale service for the equipment and accessories bought from us including delivery, installation by our engineers, warranty, maintenance, parts, materials.


We deliver all our products all over the world (and have been since 2004) and therefore we have vast experience in professional packaging, to keep a high level of customer satisfaction we insure that every product is packed to a professional standard. Furthermore in the highly unlikely event, of parcel being damaged in transit we offer a replacement at no extra cost!

If you need our help and unsure of the Electro-Cleaning reservoir you need for your business, our technical experts will happily provide free technical advice to help you find the perfect fit.


Please feel free to contact us if you require custom type/size of PP-welded tanks. Such as tanks with stands, lids, supports, mechanical or air agitation, ventilation, heating, cooling and filtering systems. Chemicals, anodes, baskets and cable sets are also available on request. Technical Supermarket produces high quality equipment for every aspect of heating, electroplating, polishing, etching, etc. All our products are perfect use for both personal and industrial purposes, as well as for education. Visit our main website to find out more information.


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