Technical SuperMarket

Large Selection:

We have brought nearly 1000 items together to give you excellent selection, quality and prices. Our London based company was founded in May 2010 and since then we have been producing top quality MADE IN UK equipment and accessories that meet all professional standards (CE mark).

Comprehensive Product Knowledge:

We believe that superior customer service starts at the foundation of the company. We produce the products that we offer and can therefore provide professional expertise to back our products.

Solid Reputation:

During our time here we have built a solid reputation for providing outstanding personal customer service and we aim to provide this same high level of service to our online customers as well. Unlike many websites we pride ourselves in the full knowledge of the products we offer.

VAT Registration:

We are a UK Value Added Tax (VAT) Registered Company and have added 20% VAT to every product.
Our VAT Registration Number is: 156 834 506 (England).